Custom Platic Card

Restaurant Loyalty Cards


Great food and beverage is critical for repeat business for any restaurant, your next priority should be an active loyalty program using custom printed loyalty and gift cards.  Motivate your customers to continually come back with reward points or other special offers using the PVC or recycled PVC printed loyalty cards.  Our Designer can put a great design together for you that will express the theme and great benefits of your restaurant.  Your custom loyalty card program can be based on simply viewing the card presented by the card holder or you can utilize a bar code or a magnetic stripe software system to account for the attendance, purchase history and the purchasing behaviour each customer.

Benefits of Printed Restaurant Loyalty Cards

There are numerous benefits for the custom printed restaurant loyalty cards.   Restaurant loyalty cards are a excellent means to increase the frequency of customer attendance and to increase your revenue.  There are a number of ways to increase your revenue through the plastic loyalty cards and the associated loyalty IT system.

  1. Exclusive card holder offers – Utilizing a link that is associated with the QR code on the PVC or teslin loyalty card you can keep your customers up to date with current exclusive offers and promotions.
  2. Customer patronage and spending – Focus your marketing campaigns by targeting customers based on the frequency of their attendance and their spending habits.   The data is obtained when the customer utilizes their PVC or recycled git card, normally via scanning through your IT system.
  3. Other customer data – Utilize other demographic data that you obtain from customer to target your marketing campaign including age, sex, residential address etc.
  4. Automated messages – Automated massages for birthdays, Valentines day bookings etc.
  5. Obtain satisfaction feedback – Continually look to update your business strategy by obtaining customer feedback about their experience in your restaurant, make adjustments to build greater loyalty and spending from each customer.  Simply message your customer after their attendance with your survey questions.   The customer contact details are obtained when you issue the plastic gift or loyalty card.
  6. Rewards system – Establish a points-rewards based system and reward clients when they reach milestones.
  7. Non-Attendance – Contact customers who do not attend as often or have stopped attending.


It is essential for every restaurant to have a custom gift and loyalty card system installed to maximize their attendance and revenue.  Give each customer that feeling of belonging and exclusivity with your printed restaurant loyalty card and importantly, ensure you manage this system as required.  Set a procedure to constantly analyse the loyalty system data and make adjustments to the system as required, maybe you need to make the plastic loyalty card system more targeted, introduce exclusive offers that are more appealing etc.