Custom Platic Card

Library Membership Cards


Custom Plastic Cards has been a large manufacturer of plastic and teslin plastic library membership cards for the past 20 years.  Custom printed library membership cards are unique, rare bar codes are typically used including Code 39 with a check digit, Codabar and Codabar Mod 11.  Our 20 years of experience with printed library membership cards makes it easy for us to produce almost any bar code type for all Libraries.  We can also work with you to put together a great design for you if required.

Benefits of Printed Library Membership Cards

Plastic library membership cards are essential to every library in New Zealand.    Library membership cards are essential to manage your members and to track the library books amongst other activities.  The purpose and usage of the PVC library membership cards are as follows:

  1. Each printed membership card identifies the card holder, the associated borrowing activity and other privileges
  2. Allow access to multiple locations if applicable 
  3. The card holder can have access to the library’s online resources including online books, periodicals, streaming videos, music etc.
  4. Exclusive discounts at local museums, national parks and other educational and cultural attractions by simply displaying the plastic library membership card.
  5. Utilize a link that is associated with the QR code on the custom plastic library card so you can keep your customers up to date with current activities, events, promotions and more.


Utilize our 20 years of experience in the manufacturer of printed library membership cards.  Our expert knowledge of custom printed library membership cards, including the unique bar code requirements, will ensure that you get great looking plastic cards that are compliant with your bar code system.  For all new clients we have a vigorous preproduction bar code testing procedure to ensure the bar codes will scan on your system.  We also have a well-qualified staff Designer who has been here for 7 years, she will ensure your plastic library membership cards have a great appearance if you require design assistance.

We have numerous libraries who have been with us for 10 plus years, we like to believe that is a testament to the level of our service and the high quality of our plastic library membership cards.  We maintain a complete record of all previous plastic membership card orders for each client, we can seamlessly continue your bar code sequence from your previous orders.   You can update your design at any time or continue with the same plastic membership card design.