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Membership cards are our most popular type of plastic card. Our gym and health club custom plastic membership cards cater to the full range of health club facilities, including multinational franchises, boutique gyms and personal trainers. We also produce an attractive design that will impress your members and create a positive impression of your facility.

Printed Membership Card Options

Customised gym membership cards are always a good idea. You can choose from traditional credit card sizes, or smaller printed key tags for RFID/smartcard purposes - which can be simply waved at any reader when entering your health club. These single-use customisations give members that extra special feel by combining benefits and access into one easy to carry form.

Card Options for Health Club Access

It is the norm for health clubs to have a contactless RFID card system instead of bar code systems to register member attendance. This contactless system allows the members with ease of access to wave their printed plastic membership card and the facility door offering.

Benefits of a Plastic Printed Health Club/Gym Membership Cards

There are many benefits to gym custom printed PVC membership cards. Health club environmentally friendly membership cards are an excellent way to increase member loyalty and increase your revenue. Here are a few ways you will benefit from a custom health club membership card system:

  1. We provide a link via a QR code on printed plastic or recycled PVC membership cards. The members will have access not only to what's currently going on but also to any new deals you offer in the QR code’s link.
  2. Keep track of the member's spending habits and target your promotion using your IT support systems. Each time the custom printed membership card is used for transactions, you will receive its relevant data via card scanning.
  3. With the plastic membership card issuance, you will obtain details about the holder. You can use this data to target your promotional campaign audience.
  4. Send pleasant messages, tips and promotions to members based on the data collected by establishing an automated system. For example, birthday messages or an alert about a reward based on their spending and more.
  5. Keeping in touch with members who do not attend as often can help you see what is going on and ensure that things continue smoothly. It might also be helpful to reach out or change your marketing strategies.
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