What Are Some Popular Uses for Plastic Cards?

  • August 5, 2022

What Are Some Popular Uses for Plastic Cards?

What Are Some Popular Uses for Plastic Cards?
August 5th, 2022 Plastic Cards

With steep competition, evolving technology and rising customer expectations, a proactive and dedicated marketing strategy has become significant. While several tools and strategies can make your brand stand out, integrating custom-made plastic cards is a perfect way to cut through the noise of competition. 

How Personalised Plastic Business Cards Fuel Profitability? 

New technologies are rapidly fueling a paradigm shift in marketing goals. To keep pace with such changes, it becomes indispensable for every business to automate its process and improve overall productivity. 

Among different automation processes, using personalised plastic business cards delivers increased convenience. These cards allow the users to access a vast array of services making business operations more streamlined, smooth and seamless.

Why Are Plastic Cards Becoming a Popular Choice? 

  • Plastic cards are immensely durable, they have a longer life when compared to traditional materials and can be customised according to specific business requirements. For instance, if you require security cards for predetermined access to hotel rooms or offices, plastic cards can be customised to suit your needs. 
  • Additionally, unlike traditional materials, plastic cards are water-resistant, hard to break and compatible with almost all machines. 
  • Personalised plastic cards are effortless to carry as they can easily fit into your pocket or wallet. The compact size makes plastic cards an excellent choice for making key tags, membership cards, security cards and more.
  • Custom-made business credit cards are a practical and economical alternative to printed-paper cards. Due to damages, paper cards must be replaced at least once a quarter. However, recycled plastic cards appear more professional and last for an extended period.

How Can Business Benefit From Personalised Plastic Cards?

Personalised plastic cards have a wide range of uses and can benefit businesses in numerous ways. Here, we have an extensive list of ways personalised plastic cards can be used to increase your business’s operational and branding effectiveness.

Discount Cards

A plastic discount card serves as a great branding tool to promote your business, acquire new customers and improve the sales record. These cards can boost sales and assist you in selling other products that might be currently out of stock. Moreover, these cards bring an added advantage of potential impulse buying and cross-selling as the customers might get inclined to apply their discount for other expensive products. 

Loyalty Cards

Retaining existing customers is simple and cheaper compared to acquiring new ones. Therefore, it becomes essential to implement a simple customer loyalty product and grow your database to give an impetus to your business. Personalised loyalty cards enable you to access customer contact details and purchasing behaviour, so you implement a targeted marketing campaign. 

Personalised Key Tags 

Wouldn’t it be great that whenever your customers take their keys out, they are reminded of your brand? A personalised key tag helps you retain existing customers and attracts attention from potential buyers. These cards are a great way to introduce your brand and make a lasting impression. 

School ID Cards 

Plastic cards are excellent for school ID cards as they are incorporated with signatures, barcodes, magnetic strips and smart chip technology. These cards make it easy to 

  • Track student attendance
  • Enables the students to borrow from school or university libraries
  • Provide access to restricted areas like computer labs or science labs 
  • General student identification
  • Can be used as transport passes for buses and trains

Membership Cards 

Membership cards are integral to several organisations such as gyms, sports clubs and libraries. A high-quality membership card creates a strong impression on your customers and increases engagement and loyalty. Integrated with a barcode, QR code and magnetic strip with a POS system, membership cards allow you to collect valuable data about members’ behaviour. 

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