Use of Plastic Cards in the Modern World

  • November 23, 2022

Use of Plastic Cards in the Modern World

Use of Plastic Cards in the Modern World
November 23rd, 2022 Plastic Cards

Personalised plastic cards are a flexible and strong promoting tool that can be printed with full-colour graphics. Frequently used as loyalty cards, membership cards, and gift cards, these well-designed plastic cards are also a perfect tool to market your business. With the sudden pace of plastic being used for various branding purposes, key tags have gained much importance. 

These plastic cards have replaced traditional paper-made cards due to their ability to withstand wear and tear during daily use. Since they can be easily carried in harsh outdoor environments, they help to convey a message to your customers or clients anywhere. Thereby, helping you to form a brand identity. As a leading plastic card company since 2002, Custom Plastic Cards has been producing almost any card imaginable ranging from combo cards, discount cards, membership cards and much more. 

Let’s find out more about some of our plastic card ranges and how they are advantageous in the current world.

Remarkable Combo Cards

Numerous features can be added to the combos including bar codes, numbers, signature panels and more. The user can share one function of his combo card with his friend and family members during the validity period of the card, be it a membership card, access card, gift card or any other- allowing him to create a strong bonding with his loved ones. 

Our combo cards create a lasting impression in all the user’s minds – an excellent way to get your message across, whether you are looking to promote your business or thank your customers for their loyalty. We can also customise the size and configuration of the combo sets to suit your specific requirements.

Durable Membership Cards

A membership card is essentially a representation of a person’s relationship with your organisation. They can both be digital or physical and have multipurpose use like access to restricted events, storing data, tracking customer details or for marketing purposes. In other words, they’re what members get in exchange for joining the organisation and or paying the member dues, if applicable. Custom Plastic Cards can produce a quality and stylish plastic card that will last the test of time, in virtually any shape or size to suit your specific requirements. Our well-designed durable membership card can impress your members and encourage them to show it to other prospective members, thereby boosting your business. 

Influential Key Tags

Key tags are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to accommodate numerous applications. Key tags can be attached to your user’s key rings, so they go everywhere your user goes. That portability helps make key tags a great way to advocate your business and show off your brand! Be it your membership or loyalty card, security, promotional programs and more, our attractive and eye-catching key tags are ductile and robust, eliminating snapping, cracking and print fading which are commonly associated with key tags. We can customise the size and shape of your key tag to suit your specific requirements. 

Are you looking for new ways to improve your business with plastic cards? Or seeking a place to get high-quality durable plastic cards? Let the experts at Custom Plastic Cards guide you 

and find the best solution to suit your requirements. Our talented designers can produce customised plastic design cards for you with a phenomenal appearance to maximise the impact your business upon your customers. 

Made from Teslin, BioPVC or recycled PVC, our environmentally friendly cards come with a 6 months warranty that lasts long. Our client base includes individuals and small businesses to high-profile private, government and educational institutions. With gloss, matte or a contoured finish that can include a photo ID, company logos and your choice of text, styles and fonts, we produce customised cards at a competitive rate. 

Connect with us to know more about what kinds of cards can help your business.